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Who can buy from us? Anyone can buy from us. You don't necessarily have to run a business to become our customer. But you will get the best deal if you have bulk purchases. We can provide you wholesale rates for your bulk orders. What are the delivery charges? Delivery charge Tk 300 order below Tk 1000 We provide supplies for businesses (Small,medium enterprises, MNCs and local conglomerates).You save money in every product for our amazing wholesale rate. The equation is simple- The more you order, the more money you save. Why does it take 4 days to deliver? Others do it in a day! For business purchases, companies take a lot of time to look for multiple suppliers, different rates, product quality etc. We are here to ease that pain. We provide the best quality products with the best wholesale rate of the town. We take maximum 4 days to deliver as this is not about a single product. Where companies spend months to take a procurement decision, we only take 4 days to give you the entire solution. Business buying is completely different from B2C.