Berger Robbialac Acrylic Plastic Emulsion Paint, 3.64 Liter, Off White

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  • Product Type: Acrylic Plastic Emulsion Paint
  • Brand: Berger Robbialac
  • Robb. Acrylic Plastic Emulsion is the choice paint for the beautiful interiors of a dream home, available in the widest range of mood creating shades.
  • It is fully washable to give the walls a freshly painted look. Its characteristic sheen helps in reducing dirt pick up and gives the walls rich finish. Based on highly durable pure acrylic binder,
  • Size: 3.64 Liter
  • Butter like finish, high scrub resistance, longer life.
  • It is free from any heavy metal such lead, mercury, chromium etc.. .
  • Gloss/Sheen level : 10-12 at 85 degree GH on glass plate when released at 300 micron dft applied by barcoater.
  • Vehicle : Acrylic resin
  • Emulsions Pigmentation : Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium and Aluminum Silicate
  • Flash point : 100% Water Based paint hence not required. Viscosity at (30 ± 1)0 C : 110-112 KU (Sheen Krebs)
  • Dry,: set to touch : 30 minutes Dry hard : 4-6 hours (recoat)
  • Clean up solvent : Water
  • Method of application : Brush, Roller & Spray
  • Recommended Thinner : Portable water.
  • Pot life of thinned material : 12 hrs
  • Shelf life : 12 months after date of manufacturing so long as the container is sealed and kept at a normal temperature. ( not under direct sunlight or elevated temperature).
  • Recommended surface : Interior cement plaster, Concrete stone, Brick asbestos, Cement Sheet etc.
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SKU2037840826-3.64 WH
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