BRB Coaxial Cable, 5/C

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  • Product Type: Cable
  • Brand: BRB
  • Model: 5/C
  • Copper Conductor
  • Cable Type: Coaxial Cable
  • Application: Construction
  • Brand: BRB
  • Model: 5/C
  • PE foam Insulated & PVC Sheathed Coaxial Cable
  • The entire cable is then covered by a sheath of polyvinyl chloride or Teflon
  • Coaxial cable is divided into 50Ω baseband cable and 75Ω wideband cable
  • The baseband cable is divided into a thin coaxial cable and a thick coaxial cable
  • Coaxial cables can be divided into baseband coaxial cables and broadband coaxial cables
  • The baseband cable is only used for digital transmission and has a data rate of up to 10Mbps
  • On the outside of the inner insulation are another layer of ring conductor and its insulator
  • The most common coaxial cable consists of a copper conductor isolated from an insulating material
  • A coaxial cable is a cable that has two concentric conductors and the conductor and shield share the same axis
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TypeCoaxial Cable
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