Kitz Butterfly Valve Lever Type with Flange, 3 Inch (DN 80)

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2629265169-3 Inch
  • Product Type: Butterfly Valve Lever Type with Flange
  • Size: 3 Inch
  • Diameter: DN 80
  • Brand: Kitz
  • Kitzᅠball valves are designed with extensive safety considerations for users.
  • Blow-out proof stems, provision of locking devices and prevention of misalignment of lever handles provide safe handling in the field and trouble-free operation in the plant.
  • Antistatic devices, fire-safe seal design, and cavity pressure relief features all assure the economic benefits of smooth, steady plant operation.
  • Kitzᅠadvancements in low emission design features contribute to the global battle against fugitive emissions while greatly reducing costs caused by product loss.
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SKU2629265169-3 Inch
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